Lykta Hemma T-201

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Grow the freshest veggies, herbs, fruits and more!

Full Control: Manage the temperature, humidity, lighting and water cycles from your pocket!

Climate Control: The system is designed to control temperature, humidity, lighting, fan and vent and much more.

Aeroponic System: The plants take all the nutrients and oxygen they need straight from the water.

Adjustable Trays: Choose your ideal tray to cultivate a great variety of plants and have an easy and enjoyable growing experience.

Connected Device: Connect your device with your wi-fi and start your cultivation.

Nutrient Dosing System: For measurements and nutrient formulas, Lykta knows exactly what to do.

LED Grow Light: Full spectrum led grow lights which are the most appropriate for the plants in every different growing phase.


Grow anything from basil to strawberries to lettuce to tomato to exotic flowers. The choice is yours.


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Connect to your LYKTA to monitor and guide your growing experience.


Plant your first seeds in LYKTA Hemma’s soil-free base and let LYKTA do the rest.


LYKTA Hemma informs you about the growth of your plants and lets you know when it is time to enjoy some of the freshest food available!

Product width 595 mm
Product height 850 mm
Product depth 550 mm
Product weight 14.2 kg


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