Industrial Solutions


Full Control

We take care of everything, you just enjoy your harvest.

Custom Design

We design your organic garden suitable for your place.

Smart Notifications

We give instant tips and advice in order to enhance the progress of your planting.

LYKTA Smart Container

Whether in the desert or at the pole, we enable you to grow healthy plants with smart containers independent of the outdoor environment and the season.

LYKTA Smart Fit

We design smart organic gardens with boutique solutions in suitable sizes for ecological and smart homes.

LYKTA Smart Depot

Our Smart Depot Software provides remote access from your smartphone, tablet and computer. It continuously measures the requirements such as temperature, humidity, light, CO2, pH, EC for your product and controls them to remain at the optimum level in line with your production area.

LYKTA Organic Store

We offer smart organic gardens solutions to markets that allow their customers to buy healthy vegetables and fruits.